Similar games like Yandere Simulator

In the Yandere simulator, you control a girl names Yandere Chan. The simulator games are very popular in the world and the best simulator game in the world is Sims series. The Sims series has been around from the last two decades. In this game, you can control different characters and help them complete their daily chores.

You have to keep them health and make sure yandere simulator that they get enough sleep and food and make sure that they go to their daily jobs and educational institutions. Apart from this, if you like to construct things, then you should try construction simulator. In this game, you will have to ensure that all the work on the construction site is going on according to the plan. From designing to completion, you have to work on the construction site. The Yandere simulator offers a new game play to the players as it has a very unique story line.

Steps recommended to new players in Bus Simulator?

First of all, you h have to decide whether you have to start your own company or not? The company should be created under the realistic terms and conditions like the risk of the bankruptcy, financial issues and the driving problems.

For the first time, we would like to recommend you to play the tutorials so that you can understand the rule and the requirements of the game. In addition to this, you will also come to know the controllers of the game as bus simulator 2016 well as your responsibilities as the bus driver. Whenever you will move to a new place, you will get some built-in tips and tricks to play the game.

In the latest version of the game, you are allowed to earn some money and expand your motor business. Among all the most important thing is that, you have to complete the route shown in the map.

Ducklife 4-A Review

As expected Ducklife 4 is difficult and requires harder training and pin pointed strategy to beat the best in the races. It is a sequel and has all the minigames packed into a single game. As you train your duckling, the stats would reveal how proficient he has become to be a formidable competitor.

In this stage you can have more than one duckling and you are free to dress them up with funny hats and give them haircuts.

These ducks will continuously show up and you will always have something new to do.

The game is all about minigames. You train the ducklings through these minigames and earn money through these sessions. You derive a lot of fun by taking up the challenges and as your duckling becomes more efficient the stats bar shoot up. The play duck life 4 longer your duckling survives, the tougher the challenges become. When you finally get down to racing, the success of your duckling will depend on how well it has been trained. The better the stats the better are your chances to win the race.

Troll face quest 6

With the high repute and popularity of the previous versions of troll face quest face the developers troll face quest 13 are making their new versions for the more fun entertainment and adventure of its players.

Troll face quest 6 is an extension of troll face series. But the basic strategy is the same which was for previous versions. The players just need to point and click. It’s so easy to play.

Basically troll face quest 6 is all about sports and exercises. It just needs to click the spots to solve the puzzles and continue the game like that of previous troll face quest series.

As troll face 6 is based on sports and exercises, making point and then making clicks will let the troll to help you there are problems in the exercise on the regular basis.

Troll face quest 6 is also about making much fun and adventure by its players of every age just by using their minds and their control in the mouse of the computer or laptop.


How to play the Vex Game?

Playing the Vex game provide you the entertainment and fun. It is up to the players to choose the right mode to play the game. The two types of modes offered by the developers are the builder mode and the default mode.

In the builder’s mode the developers allow the players to create and build different stages so that they can share with their friends and the family members.

In this vex 3 game stage, the players can have their own settings and the controls. After creating a new building, you can send it to the developer and request him to add the building in the stage.

On the other hand the default mode allow the players to complete the stages that are already created by the developer. This is done by using the provided character. In order to reach to the goal, the player has to pass through the obstacles like racing, jumping and climbing over the wall.

Learn To Fly 2 – The Medals

If you have played the original Learn to Fly game, you must be well aware learn to fly 3 of the fact that penguins are very determined when it comes to flying. Well, the penguin is back in action again in the next sequel of the game called Learn to Fly 2. He is back with more determination and with better skills and with only one aim – to prove the world wrong and show that penguins can fly.
Well, the good news is that this time the penguin can take help from more and better upgrade, new challenges and nifty customizations. The penguin is ready to face the music and get hold of some of the trophies that are offered once he achieves some targets.

Story Mode Trophy is awarded to the penguin once he completes the story mode
Classic Mode Trophy is awarded once he finishes the Classic mode
Pacifist 1 Trophy is awarded once his is able to spend 10 days in a row in the story mode without hitting or damaging anything
Pacifist 2 Trophy is awarded to the penguin to completing 25 days in a row in the story mode without damaging anything.
In addition to these, there are a number of trophies that the penguin can earn on completing a certain task or challenge.

Gunblood – For The Bold and The Brave

If you think you can handle the pressure of standing play gunblood game in front of a person holding a gun in his hand ready to shoot you down on the count to 1, you need to play Gunblood 2 game. This game is all about thrill, excitement, and bravery. Only the real cowboys can withstand the fierce gun fight that is offered in the Gunblood 2 game.
Game Story
There is simply no story behind the game; the basic aim of the game is to kill your opponent quickly without wasting a lot of bullets.

The faster you kill your opponent and the lesser bullets you use all show up in your final score.
Bonus Rounds
You also get to play a few of those bonus rounds to improve your score and polish your aiming and shooting skills. While playing those bonus rounds, make sure not to hit your assistant throwing the bottle, it will show badly in your total overall score. If you hit a bottle, you get 5X and the speed at which your hit these bottles also counts in your final score. You get to play a total of 4 bonus rounds in the game. After every two rounds, you get to play a bonus round.

The Spell of Earn to Die Game Series

If you have played Earn to Die 1 you would have definitely waited for the Earn to Die part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 and part 6. This is because this earn to die 2 game is super-addictive in nature. Although the plot of the game and the ultimate goal in all the game series is the same, yet, the players do not want to miss out any episode of the game.

Game Controls

  • The players only need to learn how to press the 4 different keys in order to play this game till the end.
  • Upward Arrow Key – press this key to accelerate your vehicle
  • Downward Arrow Key – press this key to apply breaks
  • Left/Right Arrow Keys – use them to tilt the vehicle
  • X or Ctrl Key – press these keys to use the Boost

zombie games –
The gun mounted on top of the vehicle fires bullets automatically and kills the Zombies in the range. A small counter on the lower side of the screen shows how many bullets have been fired and how many are left. Once you are done using all the bullets, a small message is displayed showing that you are out of bullets. Once you are able to finish the first round of the game, you will get glued to your seat and will try to play and finish the game in one sitting.


Tips on How to Play Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario has 10 levels, unfair mario and each level has its own set of traps and obstacles that will stop you from completing it. This online game is very addictive and extremely fun. There are tons of mobby traps in the game, for instance you see a block of bricks where you thought you can stand safely on it, but as soon as you step on it, the ground will fall under and you die.

Also, there are some objects that you thought you can jump into, but as soon as you land on it, it will fall down and you will die. You will die several times before you could complete each level. The good thing is that your life is not limited.